Line graphs là dạng biểu đồ gồm một hoặc một số đường  biểu diễn sự thay đổi của một hoặc một số yếu tố nào đó qua các mốc/khoảng thời gian. Nhiệm vụ của thí sinh là viết một đoạn văn ít nhất 150 từ. Bài viết sẽ miêu tả thông tin nổi bật trong biểu đồ. Đây là một trong những dạng thường hay gặp nhất trong IELTS Writing Task 1. Hôm nay, cùng học cách viết Writing Task 1 dạng Line Graph qua bài mẫu sau đây nhé!

The graph below shows the number of enquiries received by the Tourist Information Office in one city over a six-month period in 2011.



The line chart illustrates the number of enquiries sent to the Tourist Information Office in a particular city via three means of communication from January to June in 2011.


Overall, while there was a downward trend in the number of written letters and emails, the reverse patterns can be seen in the figures for enquiries made by telephone and in person. It is also noticeable that the quantity of enquiries in person experienced the most dramatic change among three mentioned options.

Body 1:

In January, approximately 900 telephone enquiries were sent to the Tourist Information Office, compared to only around half of that made in person. Meanwhile, the figure for letters and emails was slightly lower, with nearly 800 enquiries received. Over the next two months, the telephone still remained the most popular method of enquiry, with exactly 1000 queries by March.

Body 2:

At the same time, the number of enquiries made in person saw a considerable growth to 800, surpassing the figures for emails and postal enquiries. This upward trend continued during the final three months, making enquiries in person the most dominant feature in the chart. By June, the figure for in person enquiries soared by more than 1,000 to a peak of roughly 1,900, and such a similarity can be witnessed in the number of telephone queries, a rise from 1,000 to 1,600. By contrast, fewer people sent emails or letters to make enquiries, with slightly less than 400 queries in May and June.

(Writing Sample by Tyler – 8.0 Overall)

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